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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program was designed to meet APEGS' statutory requirements as well as the professional obligations of our members.

Update: The Bylaw changes that will make CPD reporting a requirement will be in effect January 1, 2019.Read More

All Professional Members and Members-in-Training are required to participate.

The CPD program provides members a simple four step framework to plan and report their professional development activities. Reporting should be completed at the end of the calendar year, and it should reflect the activities of the year. If you became a member during the year, you only need to report the activity from that day forward.

Step One

Identify where you are.

What combination of professional responsibilities, knowledge, skills and abilities do you currently have?

Step Two

Decide where you want or need to be.

What knowledge, skills, and abilities are required for your current career or future one? 

Step Three

Plan your program.

 What knowledge, skills, and abilities do you need or want to gain or enhance?

Step Four

Record and report your activities on the online personal profile.

 What activity categories are covered? What categories need more attention? Is your goal balance or specialization?

Details of the activity categories and level of participation can be found in the CPD Member Guideline. Examples of Scope of Practice and Annual Activity Record work sheets are provided below. You do not submit these worksheets to APEGS, but retain them to substantiate the credits you are reporting. You may also use alternate activity tracking methods if you prefer. However, the credits must be reported via your On-Line Profile under the MY DETAILS tab.

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Professional Development Links

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the leader in lifelong learning for civil engineers, recently launched a series of new, premium guided online courses (GOCs) that provide rigorous learning for international civil engineers in high-demand topics such as construction, architecture, structures, water, forensics and sustainability, to name a few Regina Construction Association schedules, courses and descriptions, registration forms CIM's flagship development program, designed specifically for mining, materials and minerals industry professionals at every level  GeoEnviro Training Professionals Inc. (GeoEnviroPro)
A training company that provides engaging professional development seminars on environmental science and contaminated site investigation, remediation, and risk assessment events that the environmental community has come to expect  At Enviro Integration Strategies, we aim to provide the strategies, techniques and tools, so that you can make a difference to the outcomes of your projects, and so that your efforts can make a positive impact on success, without always having to look to external support or a corporate initiative to make improvements  Lean Team Builders (LTB) specialize in the delivery of high performance building projects, through the implementation of lean and integrated project delivery practices. We deliver exceptional value by creating lean teams and by facilitating, coaching, training and delivering projects through the use of lean methodology & tools  At the Levene Graduate School of Business augment your technical engineering expertise with our MBA or EMBA programs designed to help you advance your professional career goals. Complete your degree full-time or part-time with a variety of flexible study options. Expand your career horizons. Visit our website today!   As a fully integrated training solutions provider, our organizational resources include seasoned professionals with a proven record for delivering results. Our approach to developing comprehensive training programs focus on producing learning outcomes specific to the needs of each client (e.g. Corporate, Non-profit, Governmental, First Nations, etc.). The Saskatchewan Branch of the Canadian Water Resources Association is delivering a webinar series with a noon hour presentation during the second Tuesday of each month from November to June. It’s an excellent professional development opportunity for members and features several APEGS members as presenters.  Five CSCE and 10 ASCE e-courses are now available through EIC’s eLearning Centre.  Society for Mining, Metalergy & Exploration SME presents multiple events throughout the year that will provide you with the opportunity to network with other professionals while learning valuable information to help you advance in your career. Our professional development offerings will help to provide you with the continuing education and the knowledge you need to stay up to date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry.  Waterloo Hydrogeologic online training courses offered on a monthly basis. Each of these courses focuses on the use of one of our programs (i.e. AquaChem, AquiferTest, Visual MODFLOW Flex or Hydro GeoAnalyst). The programs have been designed to help with specific tasks that environmental engineers/hydrogeologists/geoscientists work through every day (i.e. water quality data management, pumping tests analysis, groundwater modeling, etc.).  Online Professional Development Courses for Engineers • Accessible 24/7 from any computer or mobile device • Course enrollments valid for 2 years • Free technical library  Professional Development in Land Management. Upgrade your knowledge base or further your education with these online classes. The College of Agriculture & Bioresources offers five new 6-week online classes. Set your own schedule and study from the comfort of your home or business.

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